Luke Grayland

Full-stack sofware engineer

Innovative full-stack developer with 6+ years of experience building scalable web and mobile apps. Specialising in front-end and JavaScript, I am dedicated to learning and working with the ever changing modern front-end libraries and building my knowledge as a developer.

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What I do

Vanilla Javascript

This is one of my primary languages which i use on the daily. Having a good understanding of this has allowed me to easily pick up any of the common frontend frameworks.

React, Next.js & Vue

These are the current frameworks I have been working with. My preferred choice being React, but I am always looking to try new frameworks when given the opportunity


These two are are foundational to all web design and are often forgotten about in my opinion. Both are part of my core knowledge as a developer.

Ruby & Ruby on Rails

When I first started training as a developer, these were the main languages the course was based on. Don't get to use them that often now professionally but still like to use them in private projects.

Photoshop & Illustrator

Being a developer, there have been times where I have needed to work on a design before building the app or site. These two programs are my go to whenever I need to create a mockup or work on assets for a project.

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